What can you bring as a present for your paleoclimatologist/dendrochronologist colleague?

Sunday, March 21-Ulla, 5 C.

It’s time for cleaning the cottage Ulla!  Our friends from the Loran C take us back with the Hägglund.  We return for the last time on the glacier with them to get the heavy equipment and the samples deposited two days earlier.  Not a cloud hide the volcano’s summit, a group photo is required.

Group photo

The men of the station, on our request, brought a chainsaw.  Indeed I was promised one of my colleagues (paleoclimatologist, dendrochronologist) to sample for him the drift wood which covers all the beaches of Jan Mayen.

Cutting presents

It seems that this wood comes from the large rivers of Siberia and grounded on Arctic beaches there over 2 centuries.

We are again warmly greeted by the staff of the main station of the island. 15 days have elapsed since we took our last shower.  Needless to say how that shower tonight was appreciated!  Anna regain strength.


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